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Noise Figure Measurement through E4404B.

Question asked by pottigopi on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2011 by pottigopi
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     I am trying to automate the process of measuring the noise figure of the DUT through the E4404B spectrum analyzer.  I have all the SCPI command set to automate the process.  The automation will be used for measuring the NF for different Input frequencies.

     The process involves the following steps:
      i) Calibrate the SA without the DUT in place for all the Input frequencies and note down the calibration data in a file.
      ii) Measure the noise figure with the DUT in place for all the input frequencies.

    If we observe the above steps, there is a manual intervention of placing the DUT.  My query is regarding this:  Is there any method in which the calibration data for a particular frequency is stored in the SA (in this case E4404B) for a particular frequency, and so can be recalled when the NF is measured for that particular frequency alongwith the DUT.

    I hope I have placed my query in a proper understandable manner. I request the answers from the forum members.  If there is a problem in understanding the above issue, I can write again.

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