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Frequency window

Question asked by brian@boeing on Jun 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2011 by brian@boeing
Another question about PXA analyzer programming. We have a requirement that reads:

WlNDOW PWR - Returns the frequency window at the power level specified by PWR

One of the guys came up with a brute force approach:


Syntax returns in ASCII format(default) a comma delimited list of amplitudes in dBm. Starting with first returned value, increment array index until amplitude exceeds "X" dBm. Save index as I1. Continue incrementing index until amplitude is less than "X" dBm. Save index as I2. MEAS =  (I2-I1)*(StopFreq-StartFreq)/NoPTS. StopFreq, StartFreq, NoPTS are available by querying the instrument. (FREQ:STOP?,FREQ:STAR?, SWE:POIN?)

Is there any built-in functionality for this procedure?