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Serial poll (*OPC) for fast production test in signal analyz

Question asked by JosephChoi on Jun 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by wangyiliu99
Hi all

most of test engineer using serial poll. concept is very simple.
after we setting and trigger than using *OPC to complete work.

my way is like this.
after MXA setting and trigger. (sweep)
then before reading data from equipments. always do serial poll loop.
move to loop function and send "*OPC" to equipments.
then if receive +1 and break function.

we are production test program so it's very fast.
but this section frequently got error from MXA,
after send OPC and we have to receive return value from MXA,.
but frequently receive error.
please find attached file this is error message.

i know it's time out error and manual debugging is always ok.
but we using C# and perform very fast test.

the problem is Agilent equipments didn't return the +1. causing time out.
i trying to find solution in all manual but still have error.
sometimes perform good and sometimes time out.