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How do I make the VSA screen visible when remotely accessing

Question asked by Doug on Sep 13, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2007 by DanLorek
I'm running the 89601A VSA software on an MXA, and remotely accessing it through DCOM using Labview.  When the VSA software launches, I get a "Yellow Screen" stating the "instrument is in use by the Agilent 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer on host A-N9020A-71412".

...71412 is the computer in the MXA.  I'm trying to get the VSA screen to be visible at this point.  I've tried the Application.Visible property - no effect.  If I read Application.Visible after I set it to True, it reads False.  I've tried it with ExitEnable set both ways with no effect.  If I build my application, install it on the MXA and run it as a COM object rather than DCOM, the screen appears normally.

Anybody have ideas???

Thanks in advance,