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N5182A (ADS software) --> N9010A (VSA 89601 software)

Question asked by savvas_netscope on Feb 3, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2010 by tabbott
Dear all,

I am a new member of Agilent forums, my name is Savvas from Netscope Solutions Greece.

Here in Netscope Solutions (Agilent IDR in Greece) we are planning to perform a demo presentation to Greek Universities and Polytechnic Schools the following instrument combination.

N5182A (ADS software) --> N9010A (VSA 89601 software)

Does anyone has an idea regarding this? because is a difficult instrument combination with diffenent instruments and different softwares!! Another difficult technical issue is the PC connectivity. The more preferable communication protocols we would like to demodulate are either WIMAX or LTE. Another point that I would like clarify you is that, we only need to modulate --> demodulate only one simple WIMAX or LTE file - example not something complicated.

Is anyone expert to the above complicated instrument combination.