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Question on over range trace data from HP 8562A SA

Question asked by Vinay on Jan 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2010 by MikeM
I am having problems converting the binary trace data HP 8562A Spectrum Analyzer which seem to be over range by 2 points (a total of 603 points).
The input attenuation is set to 0 dBm.
The Reference level is set to -10dB.
The formula utilized is : dBm value = Reference Level + Log Scale ((Display Value/60) - 10).
The signal measured was obtained through a log periodic antenna connected to the SA.
The attachments include 3 files :     TDF_B.txt ( The trace data as read by MATLAB)
                    TDF_P.txt (The trace data in parameter format )
                    Original_TDF_B.bin (The original binary file obtained from the SA)

The problems I am facing are :
1. The formula should give me signal strengths of -106 dBm (min) and -77 dBm (max). But the values obtained in Matlab are -110 (min) to 8551.3333 (max). The shapes of the plots for TDF_B and TDF_P are almost identical. How can I fix this problem?
2. The special characters “   ª” are showing up in the first line of the trace data read in parameter format. This is preventing direct import of the file into Matlab. There is a need to apply some string operations before the data can be imported into Matlab. What do these characters mean and how can they be avoided?
3. The signal strengths are well with in the range. Yet there are 603 points instead of 601 points. What could be causing this and what needs to be done to avoid this?

This is the last piece that remains to be done in my project and I am unable to proceed any further due to this. Any help on this will be most appreciated.

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