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N9020A- Data corrupt or stale error

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Jan 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2010 by bega
I'm trying to do a segmented sweep on an N9020A. When I do the following code, I get a timeout at the last line " s = formattedIO488.ReadString()" line. The spectrum analyzer error queue shows the error "Data corrupt or stale. Measurement data not available". The other ReadString lines show the correct data.

What am In doing wrong?



p.s.- This question was originally posted erronously on the scop forum.

if (specADrvr.InstrumentModel == "N9020A")
= (IMessage)resourceManager.Open("TCPIP::", AccessMode.NO_LOCK, 2000, "");
formattedIO488.WriteString("*IDN?", true);
string s = formattedIO488.ReadString();

string scpiMsg = ":List:Freq 12.253GHz, 12.353GHz";
//string scpiMsg = "List:Freq 1GHz, 1.5GHz";
formattedIO488.WriteString(scpiMsg, true);
formattedIO488.WriteString(":List:Freq:POIN?", true);
s = formattedIO488.ReadString();

formattedIO488.WriteString(":INIT:LIST", true);
//formattedIO488.WriteString(":TRIG:RF:SOUR IMM", true);
formattedIO488.WriteString(":INIT:IMM", true);
formattedIO488.WriteString(":READ:LIST?", true);
s = formattedIO488.ReadString();