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Replacing Fans on the HP 8566B Spectrum Analyzer

Question asked by upiracha on Nov 6, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by pcunagin

I have an HP8566B (yeah, pretty old). Two questions:

1) Everyday, when I turn it on in the morning, it takes it about 15minutes to start up. Is that normal?

2) Recently, I have noticed that at the back of the instrument, sometimes, the top fan does not turn on when I power on my instrument. And when this happens, the instrument does not start up at all. I am wondering if the fan is almost at its end of life? I usually end up waiting for a day to try again, with the hope that the fan and the instrument will start up normally.

I am assuming a dying fan is causing the problem. How can I replace the fan? (or fix this problem in general?)

ANY help/troubleshooting tips  would be greatly appreciated!!

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