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how to parse binblock data for PNG screen shot ??

Question asked by gmreyes on Aug 26, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2009 by odanzy
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Laptop with PCM-CIA GPIP card
Matlab calllib funtions (no Instrument Control Toolbox in Matlab...)

i was able to get a PNG file transferred to PC over GPIB.  Now I can't open the file as a picture.  Since we don't have Instrument Control Toolbox, there is no binblockread function.

How I got the file:

sent these strings
read file to hard drive (fname is a pointer to file)
IBRDFA = dec2hex(calllib('gpib32', 'ibrdfA',ud,fname))

Contents of file (File is 57 KB) :

IHDR             E>×”    sRGB ®Î é    gAMA  ± üa     cHRM  z&  €„  ú   €è  u0  ê`  :˜   pœºQ<  â¥IDATx^í½1¨ ɵ¿«—Mð  ¼@Á
$¸  怃 8™     40  Ì€ƒA( „ 3L`ÄMŒp`Ä
Œp`„ƒ 9 ȁA  º‰A .ȁA70œ 8P à ÿ@Á úUí½k«v«ªkUתÚÕ½¿ 6Gçtuuõ¯¿ZUµjõÚÿÏ¥K— óá? @  @  @  @  @  @  @ WÀ: ø   À  À  À  À  À  À  œ6 8 pÀ  À  À  À  À  À  À  œ¶w ï Ï  `  `  `  `  `  `  vé  …øéÅpé›·ï}>øù0|ð ÃpåWÛÏ5ûùõ0\7Ÿ ¿ñ>¿5ÿ6ŸO~÷îc÷ÿæ~ççV >h  0  0  0  0  0  §Å€]......."

I gathered the first line is the size information, but I am lost after this point.