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85671A Phase noise utility - remote control?

Question asked by George_R on Oct 11, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2009 by MikeM
Hello All,

Need some assistance with the subj. Have 85671A software running on 8562 analyzer. The manual for the software does NOT contain any dedicated GPIB commands for interaction with it. By using the GPIB commands for the analyzer I can download the data points, however this is not sufficient to plot a phase noise figure for I need additionally freq. offset data (offset min,max), as well as carrier frequency info.

Currently the data mentioned is to be input manually while plotting the data on PC, thus significantly reducing the speed of measurements. Besides returning the control to the equipment (SICL "ilocal" command) does not actually do what it's supposed to, with 65671 sowtware. After each phase noise download procedure I have to reset the analyzer.

Are there any means of obtaining (or setting) the freq. offset and carrier frequency via GPIB? Or is there a programming manual for the 85671A software? (its conventional manual does not contain any)

thanks in advance