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MXA Noise Figure Measurement

Question asked by ecrean on Aug 26, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2009 by bradd

I am a measuring a LNA with a noise figure of around 2 dB at 3,5 GHZ.  The input return loss is around 10 dB and gain is 30 dB 

Using a agilent 346C noise source, I measure 3-4 dB from 3-4 GHZ.   With a 346CK01 noise source, I measure 1.8-2.7  dB, which is near the predicted value using
Genesys 2008.  I enter the calibrated ENR values into the MXA each time.

Since both noise sources have recently been calibrated, I'm not sure which measurement to believe.   The uncertainty predicted on the MXA is only 0.5 dB.

Is there something I can do to confirm the accuracy?  Can I check the ENR values somehow?  Any other suggestions?


Ed C