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Internal preamp state (E4440A) always returns '0'?

Question asked by Achrononmaster on Mar 16, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2009 by Achrononmaster
Even when the front panel gui display clearly indicates "PA: ON", the return value that I'm getting from scpi cmd ":POW:RF:GAIN?" is always = '0', how can that be so?
I'd expect it to be = '1' in this case (FYI: I'm reading relative TRFL, the range is "Range3", input atten="4.00 dB", signal level in the -110dBm range).  Is this because I'm in TRFL mode?  Yet ":POW:RF;ATT?" works as per normal, so what's the deal with the Preamp query?

It would be nice to know if the Preamp really is on or off unambiguously!
Alternatively, is there a command for querying the amplifier gain in dB?  I couldn't find it in the N5531-90003 MR Guide.