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File Already Exits

Question asked by pals679 on Jan 21, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2011 by tabbott
Hello All,
I am using E4402B Agilent's Spectrum Analyzer.
I need to take screen-shot after every n mins and then again change the parameters, then take screen-shot save it on PC. I can save all the screen-shot on PC.
My Problem is i have kept my program in Loop "Changing Parameters, then saving the screen-shot" So many times in loop same screen-shot get saved and message on Spectrum analyzer appears as" File Already Exists"... SO what might be the reason??? After deleting that save file from Spectrum Memoray I wait for 5 sec and after changing the parameters i wait for 3.5 mis to take screenshot. But still this happens.. I hope anyone can tell me the solution...
Thanks in Advance,