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Detector selection using IVI-COM

Question asked by joro on Mar 1, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2011 by joro
I'm currently evaluating if it is possible to use the Agilent IVI-C / IVI-COM drivers to control the Agilent Spectrum Analyzers. I do not have any experience with IVI-C / IVI-COM yet.
In our application it is necessary that we are able to select the QuasiPeak detector to perform measurements.

In the 'official' IviSpecAn Class Specification (revision 2.0) there is a possibility to select the Detector Type, however the Quasi Peak detector is not listed as one of the allowed values.
This raises the question:
- Is it possible to select the Quasi peak detector for a measurement using IVI-COM?
- Which attribute value should be used to select the QuasiPeak detector?