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Upgrading software in obsolete models. Possible?

Question asked by LMRguru on Aug 5, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2011 by tabbott
Short of hacking a 12 digit hex string,  is it possible to activate options in an E4406A VSA which has those options installed but not activated?

If so, whom should I get in contact with (presumably at Agilent) to make this happen?

Of course, the first reply I expect will be to advise me to just by an N9xxx series analyzer and be done with it, but keep in mind
that this is for my own PERSONAL use and explorations.   Would YOU spend 9000 dollars or a lot more than that out of your own pocket
for your hobby work?   Probably not.  Unless you're very wealthy, which I'm not.

So, let's not even worry about that.  There is no budget for NEW equipment. Period.  The most I've EVER spent on a piece of test equipment
was 1500 dollars for a really nice R&S spectrum analyzer that needed repair. (A 7 dollar repair, as it turned out.  )   And that was really
stretching my "playtime budget".

I'm able and willing to spend a few hundred dollars to activate the needed options.   Somewhere, someone at Agilent has the licensing system,
and even though it's formally an obsolete system,  I'd really like it if they'd take my money and give me the keys.  It can only rationally be
thought of as free money.  Instant profit.   So take it...please!