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9340B Operation Complete

Question asked by JoeBart on Nov 17, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2011 by xingsali
I am using Matlab to control a 9340B as a VISA object.  It seems to be working fine except that I am unable to determine when a sweep ends.  According to the programming manual I should be able to monitor bit zero of the event status register or, if the ESE bit is enabled, bit 5 of the status register.  Neither seem to work.  Figure 2 of the programming manual indicates that bit zero is the operation complete signal.  However the table on the next page, page 29, indicates that bit zero is "Unused".  Is it used and is it the operation complete bit?  The sequence of commands is as follows:
And then I observe the status using *STB? but I read all zeros even after the slow sweep has completed.  The ESE register is all ones.  I can write an incorrect command to the 9340B and observe that the status register indicates that the command was bad, that is, not all zeros.