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use serial poll- OPC & ESR (fast test)

Question asked by JosephChoi on Nov 28, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2010 by nizuchi
hi all,

i'd like to talk about OPC and ESR.
what i undersatnd is about OPC is after operation complete and it will process next step.
and ESR is different. before operation complete it will move to another part.

one of my colleague using ESR? command before test.
and if it return 1 then break the loop and go to next step.

but my agilent equipment always return zero..
so i changed to OPC? command.

but i want use ESR? command. there's anyway to solve this problem.??
and could you explain more detail about ESR? command.?

some equipment return zero when i send ESR? command..
but some equipment return 1 ...
is it difference version problem??