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E4407B: unable to get image screen to PC

Question asked by picasso on Sep 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by jwrc
Hi to everybody,

                 I posted a couple of days ago in another section of this forum. So, I copy and paste my messages becaus it may fit better here.
I am using an E4407B Spectrum Analyzer and I have stablished a GPIB link from a C++ project. I am using VISA library and SCPI instructions to communicate with the device. The issue I am working now is to import a trace image that has just been saved into the FLASH memory of the analyzer. I am taking some code lines from an example (specifically from the Measurement Guide and Programming Examples file). These next two lines are the ones I have used,

              // Reserve 50 KB for the image
              char scrCapture[500000] = "";
              // Store in FLASH memory and import to my PC
              viPrintf(visa, (char *)"MMEM:STOR:SCR 'C:GUI.GIF';*WAI \n");
              status = viQueryf(visa, (char *)"MMEM:DATA? 'C:GUI.GIF';*WAI \n", (char *)"%s", scrCapture);

              ofstream fsalida("scrCapture.txt");
              fsalida << scrCapture << endl;

                I have no error appearing on the SA display, and status is equal to 0. Everything seems to be OK, but I am not getting the whole .gif file. In fact, I am only getting a few characters, specifically these: #516360GIF87a€ à ÷
I know that #516360 means that the .gif is defined in 5 blocks of memory, each one of 16360 Bytes. Moreover, GIF87a is the reference to the version of the image imported. So € à ÷ should be the first data of the capture.

                 Any idea? Thanks in advance,