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PSA opt. 233 measuring receiver

Question asked by hudla on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by hudla
Hi all,

I have a problem with remote reading of very low power levels using PSA opt. 233 Measuring receiver. For levels below -100 dBm, IF BW = 10 Hz, Accuracy High, the reading takes tens (even hundreds) of seconds, thus I need a command which waits until the reading is finished and then I want to read the level using :READ:TRFL?. Which command(s) should go before? I can use *OPC and then reading *STB? in a loop until bit 5 of the register is set to 1, but which command should I watch for completion? Which operation is actually completed, when the level reading appears on the display?

*CLS; *ESE 1                   // set event status register
:INIT:IMMediate              // restarts measurement
read *STB? until bit 5 is set to 1

The bit 5 of status register is 1 right after the first reading of *STB? (apparently :INIT:IMM is finished quickly), but still the analyzer acquires data and a green message with XX seconds to the end of reading blinks. Which command should precede *OPC that sets the status Operation complete bit to 1 first when the reading is finished and not earlier? I tried :MEAS:TRFL or :FETCH:TRFL, but both commands end with timeout (some operation is not yet completed and the level reading is not available). Not very elegant solution is to set a very long waiting time before :READ:TRFL? to avoid the timeout, but...

Thank you for any ideas, the debugging is a bit time consuming when each reading takes minutes