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Agilent 86142B OSA File Sharing Over a Network

Question asked by jtran on Aug 26, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2012 by rtebbe
Hi all,

I am trying to configure an 86142B OSA to save trace data and .gif files to a network share using Agilent VEE Pro 9.2.  I am rather new with programming in VEE.  The problems/questions I have been having are:

1) How do I automate the process of saving files to the network share? Do I use "MMEMory:FSHAre [1|2|3|4][:PATH] <param>"?  For the [:PATH] do I just c/p the network file path (\\server\"share name")? What do I enter for <param>?

2) Also, I'm trying to automate the process of saving data and .gif image files, but when I use the "screen capture" and "display screen capture" user functions from the OSA library, I get an error message that the image cannot be displayed because of incapable file formats. These user functions are read-only though, so I can't edit them to change that problem.

3) What code do I use to enter info into the "User Profile for Remote Shares" (username, pw, workgroup)? Currently I have:
write text "SYST:COMM:NETW:USER", A EOL for data input through terminal A
This is taken from the programming guide for the 86142B OSA, but it doesn't seem to enter in any information on the OSA.

Any help/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!