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N9038A in receiver mode reports end of trace is incorrect

Question asked by Jewe on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by Jewe
N9038A reports end of trace is incorrect.

How to reproduce:
1]. set receiver to perform measurement 30 MHz to 1 Ghz.
2]. get parts of the trace out with the :TRACe[:DATA]? function.
3]. stop at one point reading out the data. lets say 30%
4]. wait till the trace is at 90%, start reading the trace data again.

Strangely I do not see 1 giant frame coming by of the time that I am was not reading the data out.
But I do see an end of trace in the frame status.
It appears that the buffer is overwritten while this is not read out in time.
This is not correct, and is not the same as the ESU.