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Command to SET and READ marker via LAN

Question asked by farossa on Jun 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2010 by mukta2008

I am using N1996A spectrum analyzer and am controlling it via LAN.

I have set the Center frequency with: ":SENS:FREQ:CENT 2407 MHZ\n"
I have set the Span Frequency with: ":SENS:FREQ:SPAN 20 MHZ\n"
I have selected the Reference level with: "DISP:WIND:TRAC:Y:RLEV 20dBm\n"
I have selected the Bandwidth with: "BAND:RES 3MHz\n"

Now I need to set the Ext Gain; how? (on keyboard: AMPTD --> More 2 of 2 --> Ext Gain --> -22 db)
and set the Marker1 at some frequency; how? (on keyboard: MARKER --> 2407 MHz)
and read the value at the marker; how?

any help appreciated. thanks.