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The clock on your computer is set to the wrong date

Question asked by vhlopez on Mar 12, 2009
When attempting to start GENESYS or SystemVue, the Authorization window keeps popping up.

Solution / Workaround
When the Authorize window pops up, click the "show my current license status" button (see image below).
Pre 2004.07 versions may not have this button.


If the status reads :
"Since there is a hardware key attached to your computer, network license server "" was not used.
A hardware key was found on your computer, but the clock on your computer is set to the wrong date.
It shows MM/DD/YYYY (this may read today's date).
To set the date, double-click the clock on the Start bar. Hardware key licensing is disabled."

The hardware keys (HASP 4 dongles) contain a battery that runs a clock. If this battery fails, the clock stops and the Eagleware-Elanix tools stop operating.
GENESYS and SystemVue read the clock on the key and compare it to the system time (your PC current clock). If the system date is not equal to the date on the key, this error occurs.

If this happens, you need to request a replacement key. Contact Agilent's Business support office (see their link below) with the hardware key number listed in the error window (you can also read this number from the key's sticker):