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Agilent 86038B, Remote Program Question

Question asked by wdog61 on Apr 8, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2008 by mkelly
Hi folks,

I am currently in the process of developin a remoting application for the pdla test set.  The only problem that I have ran into is when I call the function:

pdlaClient.Results.YData(ODACommon.eMeasurementType.CD, ODACommon.eODAPort.One));

There is no enumeration to pull down DGD data from the machine.  Is there any way to pull down DGD data from the test set, or do I have to derive it from that data that I when I call the above function for PMD?  If i do have to derive it, is there an easy equation for it, or could someone point me in the direction where i can find it.

Thanks for any help