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About the fans of the 8164A

Question asked by ntky2002 on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2008 by mkelly

  One message "temperature out of range" shown in the screen of the 8164A lightwave measurement system. We found that the surface was very hot and no airflow came from the equipment , so we closed the equipment immediately.

  We found that one TV monitor for video fiber microscope was put on it, so we remove the monitor and opened 8164A again. Then the fans started to work again and the temperature became normal gradually. But when I pressed my hand on it the fans stoped, when I released the pressure the fans went on running.

  The monitor had been on the 8164A for many days. When I pressed another 8164A, everything was ok. Now we make a notice that nothing could be put on the 8164A.

  Does anything wrong happen with the 8164A?

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