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E 4408B

Question asked by ruebenn on Nov 12, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2008 by jborges3

It is E4408B indeed.
Yes, i do know that the parts are expensive.
Thank you for the insights.


Hi Rueben,

Can you please double check you model number? I don't have any record of the existence of E4408A. HP/Agilent did sell spectrum analyzers with model numbers E4408B, E4406A and E4448A, all of which differ from the number you gave by a single character.

I do understand your frustration with a quote that was higher than what you expected. Spectrum analyzers are expensive and when they break replacing their parts can also be expensive.

As far as the cost of Agilent vs other repair and cal houses go, we know for certain that some of our competitors cut corners in what they test and how they test it. A third-party service provider may provide a cheaper repair or calibration, but that may expose you to unnecessary risks. Returning your equipment to the company that designed and manufactured it is the best way to assure with high confidence that your equipment will be restored to like-new performance.

Please refer to this app note for more information ... 6703EN.pdf

If you could please provide the correct model number, serial number, problem description and the error messages you mentioned I bet someone on this forum would be able to point you in the right direction.

As far as service guides go, all of the models I suggested are still in support, and so all of the associated service guides are still for sale by Agilent and can be bought from our web page or buy calling 1-800-829-4444.

Also, since your posting really doesn't have anything to do with this thread, it would be better next time if you would please click the "new topic" button when you have a new topic, it helps us keep these forums organized.

Best regards,
Joseph Borges
Signal Analysis Division
Agilent Technologies