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Question asked by Novelene on Dec 3, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2007 by Novelene
Dear Michael,

This is William here. I am using Novelene's account.

The new PDLA system we received had a very strange issue. Basically, I cannot run PFL reliably. The errors returned are various. such as

816x: Instrument Error Detected

The operation failed to complete within the specified timeout period.

Remote Client even not responding  (TLS settling probability)

It happens when I am controlling PDLA remotely, and IO remote Server is  also running. This configuration work for all previous two PDLA systems.

The same errors for PFL tool box software. The TLS settling is triggered by running PFL toolbox. It seems the old trick we played is not working for the new system. I have replaced the Ag86038x_Engine.dll with the one you sent to me for the previous PDLA systems, it doesn't seem work here.

Could you please help me to solve this problem?

Best regards,