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E4407B Average Mode Measurement Above 1 GHz

Question asked by stillingsl on Oct 23, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2008 by MikeM
    Our EMC testing laboratory recently purchased an E4407B with most of the bells and whistles from Agilent (this summer). We are using the analyzer and have run into a few issues / functions that we are wondering can be added at the firmware or other level. We have the instrument configured with the Quasi Peak adapter, low frequency extension and low resolution bandwidth options among others. When we make measurements above 1 GHz the regulatory agencies would like us to make the measurements of signals in two modes. First a Peak mode measurement using 1 MHz RBW and 3 MHZ VBW. We are also required to make an "Average Mode" measurement where we use 1 MHz RBW and 10 Hz VBW. Currently the analyzer limits the VBW to 30 Hz instead of ten. Can this be changed in the firmware of the instrument, or are there more complicated issues in order to accomplish this. Thanks in advance.
Larry Stillings
Compliance Worldwide, Inc.