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86142 OSA Firmware upgrade gone wrong

Question asked by GregginOttawa on May 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2011 by JohnDorighi
Hello -

Any advice on this would be appreciated.

I was following the instructions to upgrade our 86142 OSA over the LAN. 

On page 13 of the instructions (Configure Networking on the OSA), step 12...  I entered only the DNS server address.  I left the Domain Name field blank and clicked OK.  The hourglass icon replaced the mouse pointer and it seemed to hang.   You could move the mouse cursor around and enter values in the 2 fields on this screen (so it wasn't truly frozen).  After a considerable amount of time (40+ minutes?), the screen changed to the system splash screen and the mouse cursor changed to a wristwatch.  It stayed like that for a long time and finally someone in the lab flicked the power off on the OSA.

Now on boot we get a 3 minute delay after some normal looking boot messages.  After the delay, the message displayed is "HP-UX Run level transition complete", followed by "The system is ready".

Another (very) long delay with a completely blank screen, then we get a screen with an X style mouse cursor, kind of a grey background, and nothing else. 

Again - long delay and eventually a new screen with "OSA EXEC" at the top and a message "OSA application stopped.  Restarting OSA Application"  and a softkey was displayed in the top-right corner labeled "OK", which I pressed.

It then loops back to the grey background and the X style cursor.  (then back to the OSA EXEC screen) 

Any ideas?