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hp816x_prepareLambdaScan return error

Question asked by leonw on Feb 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by mkelly
Hi, I'm trying to program on PC to control a 8164A frame and 81640A laser source and HP81533B optical header. I use PnP LambdaScan to do the sweeping, however hp816x_prepareLambdaScan returns timeout error. I checked GPIB communication, it seems there is a GPIB command can not be recognized
Formatted viWrite (GPIB::24::INSTR (0x00471F50), "SOURCE0:WAV:SWE:STAR?MIN", 26, 26)

I searched the programming guide and this is indeed an illegal command. Does anyone can help here?

following are some of my codes:(basically coming from the sample programe)

  /*initialize local variables to default values*/
  power = -7.0;
  unit = hp816x_PU_DBM;
  startWavelength = 1550.0e-9;
  stopWavelength = 1555.0e-9;
  stepSize = 5.0e-10;
  opticalOutput = hp816x_HIGHPOW;
  numberofScans = hp816x_NO_OF_SCANS_1;
  PWMChannels = 1;

  /*initialize the driver*/
  errStatus = hp816x_init("GPIB::24::INSTR", VI_FALSE, VI_FALSE, &iHandle);
  /*register at least the mainframe containing the tunable laser source*/
  errStatus =  hp816x_registerMainframe (iHandle); 
  /*get original logged wavelength points (no interpolation)*/
  errStatus = hp816x_returnEquidistantData (iHandle,VI_FALSE);

  errStatus = hp816x_enableHighSweepSpeed(iHandle, VI_TRUE);

  /*prepare the lambda scan operation*/
  errStatus = hp816x_prepareLambdaScan (iHandle, unit, power,
                                       opticalOutput, numberofScans, PWMChannels,           

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