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ESA Series - Not correct Model Recognition A7A4 Assy

Question asked by RudyMuller on Sep 1, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by MarkBielman
I recently had to substitute the Processor Board (A4) from a E4404B SA. The original board did not boot anymore, tried by all means, no chance.
After installing new board, SA works perfectly (performed complete automatic calibration procedure) and is accurate to 2.9 GHz.
At higher than 2,9 Ghz, presents a level error of approximately -12dB.

Interestingly, the boot screen identifies the instrument to be a E4402B (2.9GHz SA) instead of E4404B. The instrument however measures and gives readings up to 6,7 GHz (full range).

I have already looked up the whole service manual, was not able to find any information with regards to configuring any board to correct this.

Look forward to any indications/hints that will lead to solving this problem.    Thank you.