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N1225A board sampling over P2

Question asked by flintstone on Aug 31, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2011 by greg_swan

sorry, I know this is actually a VME related question but I am a bit stuck in searching for answers and maybe somebody here knows the right way to do this.

We want to sample the position data over the P2 connector from rows A and C. We will have two N1225A boards, an FPGA based board will be used to sample the data, so we need to connect 3 boards. The question is: What is the right way to connect the P2 connectors? Or at least: What solution did work for you?

We have ordered so called overlay modules, that are due to come any time now but this seems to be the exotic way. Another possibility is to use ribbon cable but I am a bit anxious because of the 10 MHz clock. I also do not find a standard solution, it seems we would have to do it ourselves. I guess termination will also be an issue.

Does anybody have a recommendation how to do the P2 interconnect with an up to date solution? I am a bit frustrated to have these shiny laser axis boards and then connect them with a handmade ribbon cable.

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