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Labview and 8163A Binary Data

Question asked by rgahrens on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by mkelly
I hope someone can help me out with decoding the binary data block returned from the 8163A mainframe in Labview. Please note, I can not use the VXI PnP drivers in Labview version 2011, since National Instruments eliminated the import feature. I used to use them in version 7.1 and everything worked fine. However, I now have to write new VIs.

I am using the logging function from a power meter module. So, if I issue the following commands: sense1:func:par:logg 1,1s   SENSE1:FUNCTION:RESULT? I would expect a return in the format , #14ffff, where ffff is the single result in binary format. The returned string from Labview is: #14yá¢2 which is 2331 3479 E1A2 320A (in hex). My question is how do I convert this to the single value from the logging function? (In my application, I plan on collecting 120 logging values, but I thought I would start with just one for now)

For the above HEX return, the 2331 34 is the #14 header and the 0A is the new line, so I am assuming that the rest of the data is the logging result - however, I have racked my brain and LV programming skills for quite a while now to determine how to convert this with no luck at all. The value should be somewhere on the order of 19E-9 Watts (~ -47 dBm).

I had a similar problem with an older HP OTDR about 10 years ago and I had solved it.... but I lost that piece of code.

Any and all help is appreciated.