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85662A troubleshooting

Question asked by sampet on May 20, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2008 by Adrian
First; it was great finding this forum.  I did a google search on 85662A forum and got results so nasty I couldn't believe it.

Now the problem.  I have 2 8568B's (Converted A's) that both have display problems.  One operates OK at low display brightness but gets dimmer as the intensity control is turned up.  This one uses the separate A1A2 Z axis amplifier and A1A4-A1A5 X and Y deflection Amplifiers.  I have an 8568A Volume 3 manual that covers this display section.

The other unit displays only the Graticule but the X Y outputs are OK.  It has a late s/n.  This unit has one large board that includes the A1A2, A1A4 and A1A5 circuitry.

Besides hints on what the problem may be; is there an update to the manual that covers the late changes that shows the large board?

Thanks   Sam