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816x PnP driver problem

Question asked by ocl3121 on Aug 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2011 by mkelly

I used the 816x PnP driver for VC programming between 8164B (tunable laser) and 8163A(powermeter). It works fine.
However, there is a bug when I using 8164B mainframe but with 1310 nm tunable laser.
The Prepare Lambda Scan Function (hp816x_prepareLambdaScan) can set the 8163A power meter for 1300nm wavelength.
But the Excute Multi Frame Lambda Scan (hp816x_executeMfLambdaScan) function will set the the wavelength of the power meter back to 1550 nm when doing the data logging. Thus, the achieved value for the actual power will be not accurate because of the wrong working range (1550 instead of 1310).
Would you please help me to address this issue to fix the bug and release a revised function?

Thank you very much.

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