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VBA (Excel) example code for *LRN? and SYSTem:SETup

Question asked by JefferyB on Jun 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2010 by dnt
So far I seem to be doing ok with the basics of communicating with my DSO80204B and getting info to and from, but being no VB expert I'm having a bit of difficulty with my next task; saving the setup from the scope over GPIB, saving the file, then loading that setup back to the scope over GPIB.

I'm trying to use *LRN? to retrieve the setup, SYSTem:SETup to transfer it back.

My problems may simply lie in not being sure how to deal with the correct variable types and getting the context correct in VB .

Does anyone have some example code they can share?  I'm first using hard coded file locations, I can add a dialog box for specifying file path/name after I get the basics working.