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Results query effecting measured value validity on DSO80204B

Question asked by JefferyB on Jun 2, 2010
I've got an interesting thing happening here...

While acquiring an “Eye Jitter measurement”, my DSO80204B indicates that all measured values are valid (no question mark beside the results on the 80204B display).
When I query the scope for the results (instrument.WriteString ":MEASure:RESults?")  all of the measured values become questionable or invalid as indicated with a question mark on the 80204B display and a returned code, to my software, of other than a valid result, usually a code 1 or code 17. 

Code 1: Result questionable but could be measured
Code 17: Result Invalid. Completion criteria not reached

Why would it be that the measurement is indicated as valid if I were using the oscilloscope with no automation, but become invalid by sending a query for the results?