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Send setup file to DSO6102A in binary

Question asked by lcorrigan on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2010 by lcorrigan
I'm looking to send the contents of a setup.dat file to my scope, but I'm having trouble with the command ":SYSTem:SETup <setup_data>" where <setup_data> == binary block data in IEEE 488.2 # format.
I'm able to read the setup to a file, but I can't seem to put the data of one into the scope.
I'm not using the Agilent IO visa lib, so the example in the manual is not helping me for my case. 
The manual way of saving a trace does not save in the same extension as the SCPI command, and if I manually try to load in a SCPI created .dat setup file using the soft keys, it doesn't see that file on the thumbdrive.  Makes it difficult to verify my data was transferred correctly. do I need to convert the first part of the command (which is a string) to byte[]'s and then send the whole thing as a byte array?
The Agilent example shows the values sent after the :System:set command is a string, and I'm doing the same so I'm not sure what I'm missing....
Anyone have any ideas that does not involve me changing my visa layer?