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Running Logged Commands from AMM U2722A

Question asked by nvardy on Jan 8, 2010
I am trying to use the Agilent U2722A in order to sweep voltage up linearly and then down while measuring current. While using the measurment manager I can scan either up or down but cannot perform these commands consecutively. So far my conclusion is that I cannot use the AMM to perform this test.

Originially I planned to use LABVIEW (which I am somewhat familar) to interface with the device. However, I discovered that the AMM has a command logger feature which could make this much easier. My new solution is to log the commands for scan up and scan down and piece them together to create the code needed to do this test. However, I have no idea how to actually run the code which I produce. I also dont know how I could have the data collected written into a file.

This problem seems trivial relative to others in this forum but I have no expierence with programming.