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Create a Directory in DSO90804A

Question asked by edu_ct on Dec 30, 2009
Good morning:
I'm trying to create a new directory on the oscilloscope DSO90804A in the event that there is, as follows:
- Change directory
- If no exist, I create a new directory and change to the new directory.
But I get the following errors:
- When attempt to change the directory I get error -250 (Mass Storage Error)
- And when I try to create the -113 (Header undifined).
All this with the following code on VB6

                .WriteString ":DISK:CDIRECTORY " & Chr(34) & saveas.Text & Chr(34)  ' Change dir
                .WriteString "SYSTEM:ERROR?"                                        'Error
                result = .ReadString
                estado.Text = "Direct:" & result
            If result = -256 Then             ' If error is -256 ci create a new dir
                .WriteString ":DISK:MDIRECTORY " & Chr(34) & saveas.Text & Chr(34)
                .WriteString ":DISK:CDIRECTORY " & Chr(34) & saveas.Text & Chr(34)
            End If

The curiosity is that the same code to come to work in another scope, why not this?