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Setting start and stop powers of power sweep

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Nov 19, 2009
Hi all,

I'm doing an smc power sweep on a PNA-X. The important part of the code is:
            channel.SweepType = NASweepTypes.naPowerSweep;
            pna.SourcePowerState = true; // turn power on
            channel.StartPower = -20;
            channel.StopPower = +2;
However, when I do this the channel Start and Stop powers are set to -24 and -2. The display also shows those same limits. The start and stop powers are being offset by the power offset (-4dB) set during the source power cal.

I had thought that when I did this before that the power offset was applied in the background so that if I put in -20, that would be what channel.StartPower was shown as and the actual source power would be whatever was required to get the -20 at the end of the test cable.

Am I wrong about that, or am I using the wrong properties to set the power, or what? I can offset my set powers in my program, but that's a little inconvenient.