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Replace CRT HP8591 seir

Question asked by ON4IMMDirk on Sep 19, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by ON4IMMDirk
I have buy a lot off 2x HP8591A specrtumanalyzers_2xHP8591C Cable TV analyzers and 1 HP8591A. The CRT's from all that analyzers are pracitcal dead.Have 10 new CRT Omnivison LP0615E3Y and the replacement is no problem........but there are two analyzers with CRT Model TR- 60S1A from Matsushita (equal size and connectors) but the problem is that  there is no Synchronisation . The screen give horizontale lines , ANY now what to do  with these problem ??

Have 3 new CRT Omnivison LP0615E3Y in stock any need one PSE mail me