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8560E Opt 002, 007 troubles

Question asked by et2farnworth on Jan 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2011 by et2farnworth
Hey everybody.

I've got an 8560E Opt 002, 007 with a *** power supply. It was kick starting. I have been unable to locate the CLIP for the A6 power supply, nor was I able to locate a replacement A6 card. Here's all the information I have on it.

Model: 8560E Opt 002, 007
S/N: 3825A.....
A6 Part#: 08564-60031
A6 CLIP Part #: 08564-90039

Can anyone help me out by sending me the CLIP or pointing me in the right direction to purchase a CLIP or replacement power supply? Even just giving me the component information for U205 on the A6 would be a huge help as I'm pretty sure that needs to be replaced. (technician accidentally shorted it and it's now burned up pretty bad.) Being able to replace that would be a good start.

thanks for your help