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SA as receiver?

Question asked by dr_rachel on Nov 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by tabbott
I used to work at HP signal analysis labs and we produced a quasipeak adapter that attempted to turn the 8566B into an EMI receiver.

What would be necessary in order to convert an 8566B or 71209A to a surveillance receiver?  I plan on porting the IF to a linux software receiver SDR-14 to demodulate quadrature and other signals over an instantaneous band of 3 MHz (IF pass band: if I could afford a 30 MHz IF it would be an instantaneous bandwidth of 30MHz at sub zero res bw sufficient for spread spectrum surveillance) this will produce resolution of less than one hertz.

So in other words I use the sa as a tuner.  Do I need a low noise preamp and a preselector for the 8566B?  Do I need the lna at the antenna and a line amp at the sa input also? I read that the 71209A has built in preamp and preselector in the rf plugin?  Is this all I would need plus hp-ib software?  Thanks for your advice.