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IBOC FM Spectral Emission Mask for HP8951A

Question asked by Martycctx on Aug 24, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2009 by MikeM
It would really be helpful if my HP8951A could display the "ibiquity" IBOC spectral emissions Mask for FM HD Broadcast when making these types of measurements.   I use my 8951 with the Benchlink windows software to produce images that I can file with my FCC records.   A mask display would make things much more definitive and would then allow compliance to be demonstrated with one trace and one image.  If I am not the first to ask this question I do apologize but searching on IBOC yields no results.

It would seem that this would be some type of software upgrade or could even be part of an instrument "state".  Is there anyone who can send me in the right direction or shine some light on this? 

Corpus Christi TX