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E7402A Calibration (Absolute Amplitude Accuracy Preamp on)

Question asked by ahatzop on Jul 16, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2009 by ahatzop
I am verifying an E7402A and I see that on Test 18 (Absolute Amplitude Accuracy), Part 3 (With Preamp On), the analyzer fails.
With Preamp on, it measures at step 7 as marker amplitude  47.88mV. This corresponds to -13.38 dBm. After this measurement, the next steps and measurements will fail. Switching Preamp off at step 7, the marker amplitude is measured to be 7.03mV. This is -30.05 dBm. With the last value, the test would be successful, but i must measure with Preamp On. Can anyone tell me if the procedure or the analyzer is not ok?

p.s. With Preamp on, the higher reference level that can be set is -30 dBm