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help for E4446A aligning problem

Question asked by perryatnl on Jul 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2009 by dgun
Hello all.

I'm new to using instruments and I got a problem of Agilent E4446A Spectrum Analysis. When I started it, it fails to caliberation.  The errors are listed as 'Caliberation failed,ALIGN_2ND_LO_PWR'; 'Caliberation failed, ALIGN_ROUGH_CALGAINS'; ''Caliberation failed,IF_GAIN_CURVE',''Caliberation failed, MEASURE_COMB', and ''Caliberation failed,ALIGN_RF_GAIN_EATTEN' .... I hardly receive any signals from the Signal Generator. did anyone get these kind of problems before? Could someone so kind to tell me how to solve these?  Thanks in advance!