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RF Back to Basics : Part 1 Signal Analysis Webcast

Question asked by tabbott Employee on Jan 18, 2012
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Hi -

Please join us for a FREE RF Back to Basics : Part 1 – Signal Analysis Webcast, hosted by Agilent Technologies, 25 Jaunary 2012 at 10am PST.

What is the webcast about:
Learn why spectrum or signal analysis is important for a variety of applications and how to measure system and device performance using a signal analyzer. We will begin with an introduction to signal analyzers and a discussion of the theory of operation. We will examine the instrument's major components and their significance as well as the key signal analyzer specifications that are important for your application. Current measurement challenges and methods to address them will also be discussed.

Who should attend:
Engineers , technicians and students new to RF measurements or those needing a refresher on the basics of RF Test.

For more information and enrollment, see the Agilent web here - ... id=2066993


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