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Trace Transfer from PXA N9030A as EMI Receiver

Question asked by ceken on Dec 12, 2011
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Dear All,
I have been trying to transfer Frequency Scan Trace from PXA N9030A(in EMI Receiver Mode). I did the followings;
1.I press "Measurement Setup-->Scan Table" and fill the Range 1 as I need(Start:100 kHz, Stop:150kHz,RBW:1kHz,Dwell Time:15ms,step size:500Hz), I selected Range1 Check Box
2.Make Single Measurement, and put the EMI Receiver in Single Sweep Mode
3. I send the Following Commands using C#


and try to read the byte array on the bus(LAN)

Referring to the "N6141A & W6141A EMC Measurement Application User’s and Programmer’s Guide pp.232", it says the query returns Trace 1 data as a list of x,y pairs but  but the resulted binary array means nothing to me. It neither gives frequency nor amplitude info.
Here is sample array
#3808 0050c34749dab341004ac44719b6bd41...
In the above array, the first 4 bytes should be 100 kHz and the following 4 bytes should be an amplitude and goes on. But When Iı try to resolve the groups of 4 bytes, I got fully different numbers rather them frequencies?
Any idea for transferring trace data of EMI Analyzer?I search the forum and internet but got nothing.
PS:When I did the above steps using the command ":TRACe:DATA? TRACE1" instead "FETCH:FSCAN2?", I success but In this case I got no frequency axis information.
Cengiz EKEN