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custom protocol analysis on Infiniium- using programming?

Question asked by venkata_prasad on Sep 7, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2010 by dnt
hi All,

Trex/Grex has the capability of capturing a serial waveform and decode the same based on a partcular protocol.

i am just wondering, if i can use the same capability along with external programming to make the custom protocol decode.  is it possible to extract the bit level information of a signal ( i mean just the decoded 1s and 0s ), so that using some programming efforts, if i can map them into my protocol header and display the decode. 

i am not talking about any direct implementaion on the scope application itself. But if the raw bits, extracted from the signal using the CDR methods (as its done my many of the protocl decodes on scope) , are available then using custom decoder implemented separately, it could be done. 

Please comment on the possibilities...